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5 Things to do for Amazon Prime Day 2019

If you know me, you know I don’t like to leave my house much.

I also like things that are convenient.

So Amazon Prime Day is basically a holiday. My favorite holiday.

It’s not in most people’s calendars, but it’s in mine.

Like any important holiday, you need to prepare and that’s exactly what I’m going to help you with here.

Become an Amazon Prime Member

First, it helps if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

To do this, you will pay $119 a year. (Trust me. It’s sooooo worth it.)

If you’re not a member, you will want to sign up for a trial for you can take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day deals.

According to, over half Americans plan to shop online on Prime Day.

If you’re one of them, let’s get to planning!

amazon prime day specials

Shopping on Amazon Prime Day 2019

1. Compare Prices on Amazon

Oh yes, the deals aren’t just happening on Amazon.

These big-box stores like Walmart and Target are starting to catch on that people like to shop online, so they are being competitive!

Some online sites like eBay are also trying to drive you away from

So while something may look like a great deal on Amazon, it’s worth doing a Google search to see what you can get that same thing for somewhere else.

Remember, we’re talking about online shopping here. This will take you 30 seconds. You’re not driving to another store to price check.

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2. Track Prices on Amazon

You can also use online tools to see if the deal really is a deal.

This happens all the time before Christmas.

Retailers make things look like deals, but they’re really not.

Tools like Honey and CamelCamelCamel will tell you if the seller jacked up the price right before Prime Day just to bring it down to make it look like a deal, when it really isn’t.

With Amazon prices changing daily, these are must-haves year round!

Some of those tools can also automatically apply coupons you didn’t know existed at checkout.

3. Read the Amazon Reviews

This is also something you can’t do in a store.

I will read a review before I buy almost anything… and they are very helpful.

But, buyer beware.

Anyone can put anything on the internet. (Yes, people are still learning this.)

Personally, I’ve been offered products for free in exchange for leaving a positive review.

I would never say something positive about something I had a negative experience with, but many will.

For this reason, I always look at the number of reviews something has.

If it’s just a few, I take it with a grain of salt.

If it’s hundreds or thousands, then I’m a believer.

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4. Amazon Prime Day Deals

So, what should you buy on Amazon Prime Day?

Here are my suggestions:

5. Don’t Forget About the Other Amazon Prime Features

My mom has been an Amazon Prime member for years and she had no idea she had access to Prime Video.

You also get Alexa deals, Whole Food discounts, music streaming, free e-books, and the list goes on and on.

You can also share the annual membership with others in your family, each person getting their own account and payment methods.

Amazon Prime Day 2019

Put these dates in your calendar: July 15th and 16th.

Yes, Amazon Prime Day is actually two days… just like Black Friday has turned into a week-long camping trip for many people.

Did I mention I love the convenience of online shopping?


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