Amazon Prime Day

What you need to know about Amazon Prime Day

Years ago, I would go shopping just to get out of the house and do something. Now, with a busy job AND kids, that’s just not fun anymore. But you know what is fun? Sitting in my recliner, in my jammies, and shopping online. If you aren’t already shopping online, you should try it (then try not to become addicted.)

[bctt tweet=”If you aren’t already #shoppingonline, you should try it (then try not to become addicted.)” username=”MediaMaven_CN”]

July 12th is Amazon Prime Day!

What is it? Well, imagine Black Friday AND Cyber Monday… but better. Yes, Amazon is so big (and amazing), it can have its own day. This one includes more than 100,000 deals, so you need to prepare. Click here to see my appearance on WPBF. I break down all the #PrimeDay details here.

This is what you need to know about Prime Day. (Scroll to the very bottom of this post for some extra-special deals!)


  1. You need to be an Amazon Prime member to participate in Amazon Prime Day.

I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for about a year now. At first, I didn’t want to become one because it costs $99 a year, but after trying the free 30 day trial, I was hooked. For $99 a year, you get so much:

  • Free, two-day shipping
  • Access to movies, shows, and music (better than Netflix, in my opinion)
  • Free photo storage
  • Additional deals and discounts, and much more

     2. You should utilize the Amazon app.


The app is pretty cool because it keeps you in the know with so much information. You can choose to:

  • Find out when packages ship and arrive
  • Receive recommendations based on your shopping activity
  • Find out when deals happen on items you are watching

     3. New items will go on sale every five minutes.

Yes, EVERY FIVE MINUTES. I’ve heard some people are even getting shopping buddies to take turns, so one person doesn’t have to refresh the screen so much! To give you an idea of what this means in numbers, last year on Prime Day, 398 items were ordered per second. PER SECOND!

     4. Last year, #PrimeDayFail was trending.


Yeah… so that’s not great news. Some compared the deals on Prime Day to the clearance section at the dollar store. (Yikes!) This year, I’d imagine Amazon is pulling out all the stops to avoid another #PrimeDayFail takeover on Twitter.

     5. Countdown deals are happening NOW!

If you log onto Amazon’s website now, you’ll see that you can take advantage of special offerings early. If you have Alexa, she’s been giving you inside information. If not, you can use the app I already mentioned to learn more about the pre-Amazon Prime Day deals.

[bctt tweet=”There’s going to be more than 100,000 things discounted on #PrimeDay.” username=”MediaMaven_CN”]

There’s going to be more than 100,000 things discounted on Prime Day, so it’s hard telling what won’t be a bargain, but I can tell you some things I’ve bought, and loved, using my Amazon Prime membership:

  • Books 
  • Kids Furniture
  • Clothes (if they don’t fit, you can send them back and you will be refunded the next day… but mine always fit perfectly!)
  • iPhone accessories – like a case, armband, and charger
  • Random stuff like my OSU license plate holder a door bell cover in the shape of a golf bag (seriously)

If you want to shop on Prime Day, here are some extra-special deals:

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