The best places to see in Coral Springs

I moved to Coral Springs in 2012 for one big reason. Money Magazine named it one of the best cities to live for the fourth time. I was sold… and it is true. It is a great place to live, especially for young families. So, why not get out and show you some of the best places to see in Coral Springs with your kids?!


The best way to get to these places is on a Micro Kickboard Scooter. Our family LOVES these things. Julianna is four, so she has a purple Mini and Landon is almost two, so he has a blue Mini 3 in 1 deluxe. It’s like a convertible scooter he can grow into, so it’s perfect.



The first spot = the park. Which park? Pick one! There are so many. We are big fans of Regional Park because there are great sidewalks so we can walk or ride our scooters along Sportsplex Drive. We also like Mullins Park. It’s the biggest park in Coral Springs and where we watch fireworks every fourth of July. Finally, Betti Stradling has a huge shaded playground the kids love. We also watched a movie there one night on a giant projection screen.



While we’re on Sportsplex Drive, we usually swing by the Florida Panthers IceDen. It’s hot in South Florida and there is no better way to cool down than to pop in an ice rink. Plus, my husband is Canadian and used to play professional hockey, so obviously this is a hot spot for us… or cool. You know what I mean.



If ice it too cold for you, check out Cherry Smash. The only other time I’ve seen a store with this kind of ambience was when I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


It is such a cool looking old fashioned ice cream parlour with tons of options for ice cream, milkshakes, and more.



This choice may sound odd because it’s a grocery store, but Lucky’s Market has become a favorite for my family when we are out and about. The fun doesn’t stop for my kids when they hop off their scooters, because they have shopping carts just their size inside.



For the adults, there is a little something called “sip and stroll” that has my husband hooked. You can buy a pink of craft beer for $2, sip it, and stroll with it in your cart while you shop.


There are also daily food specials and tables to sit, eat, and surf the free wi-fi. Also, the branding and signage is very modern and unique.


Some of these spots are close to home, but others aren’t close enough to ride our scooters. That’s when I just load them up into the car, because they take up little room.


But next time I go out with the kids around town, I want to do it on a PedalFlow. How cool does this thing look?!


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  1. I live in Coral Springs and have always passed the Cherry Smash! I thought it was a lounge! I have been missing some amazing ice cream apparently! I need to make a visit soon!

    Nice to see another Coral Springs blogger!

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