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Christmas Party Dresses and other Christmas Party Outfits

If you’re looking for great Christmas party dresses, Christmas party outfits, or just Christmas party attire in general – I gotcha covered. Let’s go shopping!

The Long Sleeved, Backless Dress



I love this long sleeve maxi dress with a ruched side, silver gem encrusted cuffs and an open drape back with a bold embellished strap. My favorite part? It’s bra friendly.

The Sparkle


Yes, I’m a Boston Proper model now. (Well, just for this blog post.) I wore this jacket on the Babes in Business radio show and it was a hit with so many people watching live. I LOVE it! It sparkles with sequins in a flattering peplum silhouette.

The Red Top


Red is one of my favorite colors to wear… and it couldn’t be more fitting around Christmas. Boston Proper offers so much in red. Click here to see all of the beautiful selections.

The Metallics


So, I don’t have this… and I want it. This tank top is amazing! It features loops of beaded fringe, some sequins, and shimmer! Feel free to surprise me with this!

The Boots with Fur


With this last accessory, I complete my Christmas list. Just kidding. (Not really. I want these too.) You can never go wrong with boots with the fur (singing like FloRida and T-Pain.) I love these dazzling embellished booties with soft faux-fur ankle trim and side zipper.


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