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I’ve always loved using video to tell stories, so naturally, I became a TV reporter. After having a couple of kids and not wanting to sit outside a crime scene all day or stand in a hurricane for 12 hours straight, I got a job at a PR agency. Six months later, I called my boss a sociopath and left to make my own schedule and starting freelancing before (accidentally) building a team and running my own agency, Media Maven. Fast forward four years, I had ANOTHER baby and founded ANOTHER business, Podcast Clout.

No. Media Maven is my main bread butter, but thanks to my team, I have time to do other things – like launch Podcast Clout and play around here on Christina All Day. Yes, I do monetize my blog and social media platforms, but it’s more of what I refer to as a side hustle.

Well, I was one of 19 people in my high school graduating class, David Beckham has touched me (twice), I interviewed Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino in a tanning bed, I stood on a chair to get a soundbite from Alonso Mourning because my arm wasn’t long enough to get the microphone close enough to his face, I pushed all three of my kids out in less than five minutes (thank you, Lord!), and I once chased James Patterson, the Guinness World Record holder for the most #1 NYT bestselling books, into the middle of a Palm Beach street to introduce myself and get a picture with him that sits on my bookshelf today.

Whenever I collaborate with brands I always make sure that they’re the right fit for me. Over the years I’ve worked closely with Disney, Lincoln, McDonald’s, Legoland, Mars, and Hallmark which all fit with my brand. I turn down collaborations if they’re not right. I also do not accept free product unless it’s something I would use. You will only find things I absolutely love on Christina All Day.

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