How are you a plus size model?!

One of my favorite things about working in the news business is meeting all the people I have met. I have life long friends across the world today because of all the places I’ve been. I met Amanda at my first TV news stop, News 12 The Bronx. We started at the same time and clicked immediately. It was then, that I told her she should be a model. She didn’t listen to me then, but a couple of years later she listened to another TV colleague, went to an open casting at Wilhelmina Models, and was offered a contract on the spot… as a plus size model.


Amanda is a plus size model.

In real life, she is not plus size, but in model life she is plus size. Still, every time I see a picture of Kate Upton I scream, “How is Amanda plus size and Kate Upton is not?! Amanda is smaller than her!” How in the world are you considered a plus size model?!

In real life, she is not #plussize, but in #model life she is plus size. Click To Tweet

Seriously, for this reason Kate Upton reminds me of Amanda. But, Amanda doesn’t think she is smaller than Kate Upton. This is what she said,

“Within the fashion industry, a size 0-4 is considered “straight size” and a size 8-16 is considered “plus size.” This is largely determined by the sample size of the clothing that is manufactured. As for Kate Upton specifically, she just happens to be very busty. My guess is that she is no bigger than a size 6, while I am a size 10-12. By industry standards, Kate is considered an “in betweenie.” I do believe, however, that the terminology of being straight size, curvy, plus, in betweenie, etc. should be eradicated. At the end of the day, we’re all simply models.”


I haven’t seen Amanda in person in about eight years. But, I see her just about every time I go to Target, Macy’s, or TJ Maxx because she is all over the underwear! I remember when I mentioned modeling to her when we worked together she said, “I don’t want to live off celery and carrots.” And guess what, she isn’t… and she is a very successful underwear model.


“I would say that there is a wide range of work for plus size models, from high-end clothing lines (including brands like Ralph Lauren) to plus-only swimwear to mainstream lingerie brands (like Playtex, Olga, Vanity Fair and more.) Typically, the sample size for plus clothing is a size 12-14. Because I am a size 10-12 and have the correct measurements for most bra samples, I predominately work for underwear companies.”


Personally, I think the body shaming thing is annoying.

I don’t mean the actual shaming and stupid comments from strangers on the internet. I mean talking about it… so here I am, talking about it. But who am I to weigh in. I’ll let Amanda tell you what she thinks about it… (and I love it!)

Personally, I think the #bodyshaming thing is annoying. Click To Tweet

“I think the hardest thing about being in the fashion industry is that there is no “healthy size.” In order to have real success, clients either want you to be a size 0-4 or a size 10-16. I find that when I start eating healthy and exercising frequently, I tend to lose a bit of weight. This poses a difficult internal battle, forcing me to make a choice between my health and my career. Over time, I have learned that it’s all about making yourself happy. People will say what they want and label you in a way that feels comfortable to them, but the key is to know and love yourself unconditionally. Creating a shield against negativity is what allows true positivity and acceptance to shine through.”


I’m very proud of my plus size model doing plus size things.

These beautiful pictures are taken by Cheyenne Ellis, Victoria Janashvili, Heath Latter, Alain Mitchell, and Caitlin Mitchell.

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  1. Um, yeah, PLUS SIZE?! More like gorgeously normal sized. 🙂

    Angela / Reply
  2. Love this article. And I hate that phrase “plus size”… Esp Bc she’s still smaller than the average woman!!

    Live from the playroom / Reply
  3. That’s insane

    Caroline / Reply
  4. She’s totally gorgeous, and her confidence radiates! She definitely doesn’t look “plus size” to me, there has to be a better term for it.

    Esther @ The Cuteness / Reply
  5. If I looked like that, I’d be happy to be called plus size. Bit hard for actual plus size women to imagine their clothes on her though.

    jennyb / Reply
  6. Wow I’m glad to know that is the standard for plus size. She is so pretty and if that’s plus size I am feeling very heavy right now lol. The fashion industry is so screwed up. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Really interesting article!

    Jennifer | Modern Chic / Reply
  8. not surprising that industry is cray cray. need super tough skin. she looks great – good for her!

    nicole / Reply

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