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5 Reasons to Visit LEGOLAND Florida

My kids love playing with LEGO. (Yes, I’ve learned it’s LEGO and not LEGOs like I’ve always said.) Now, that we got the grammar lesson out of the way… let’s talk about our recent vacation (more like staycation) to LEGOLAND Florida.

Since my kids started playing with LEGO and getting all the themed LEGO pieces and kits, they’ve been asking to visit LEGOLAND Florida. So, we did! Here, I’m breaking down the top five reasons you should visit too!

1. The LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

LEGOLAND Florida has two hotels – one onsite right beside LEGOLAND and one just across the street. We stayed across the street at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat and were blown away. The village layout with beach themed bungalows are so cute. The kids loved them, the bunk beds inside, and the LEGO in the room!

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When you stay at a LEGOLAND hotel, you get some extra perks. For example, you can get a ticket for an extra day or a ticket to the water park for free! You also get free breakfast, early admission into the park, and free parking.

2. The Pool

I’m not kidding when I say my kids thought the beach retreat was LEGOLAND because of the pool. They would’ve been content staying there the entire time playing with the floating LEGO and swimming.

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3. LEGOLAND Florida

I didn’t really know what to expect when we went to LEGOLAND the next day. It was very cool. I loved how there were plenty of things for a two-year-old to do as well as a five-year-old. There were rides, shows, entertainment, and food.

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4. The Rides

Being from Ohio, I grew up on Cedar Point. LEGOLAND Florida reminds me of a Cedar Point for five-year-olds. Julianna was tall enough to ride just about everything… and she loved it. Landon had a blast on the rides that were just his size too.

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5. The LEGO

So, obviously, there are LEGO here. It’s insane to see what is built out of LEGO – the sizes of some stuff you see will blow your mind. Not only that, but there are LEGO everywhere. Kids can stop and build at almost every turn. You can also pick your favorite colors, shapes, and sizes to take home!

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Legoland Florida


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