Look Mom… NO HANDS!


If you are a parent, you’ve probably done the whole bottle hold under the chin because your phone is ringing or you dropped the remote changing the channel while you are feeding the baby. How many times have we said to ourselves – I wish there was something that would hold the bottle right here for me?! Well, there is and I used it for the first time last night… and I read to Landon WHILE I was feeding him his bottle. He LOVED it.

My first product review is a good one – it’s The Beebo. It is literally everything you imagine it is. You just throw it over your shoulder (same side as the baby’s head), stick the bottle in, turn the little circle thing to get it in the right spot, and that’s it! It took me a couple tries to figure out the perfect position, but when I did – it. was. awesome.

It’s $39 (great shower gift price) and is available online.

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