Online Design – A Genius Business Idea

My friend Allison launched her own online design business – and I think is genius. Like me, she is also a “hockey wife” and this mean she travels a lot. Her husband could play anywhere at any time, so it was difficult to work as an interior designer in a traditional sense. That’s why she started CURIO design studio.

curio - before and after

“CURIO design studio is founded on the premise that great design can be accessible and affordable to all regardless of location or budget,” she says… and I think it’s awesome. Imagine the first part of Property Brothers when the cute twins are showing the homeowners what they can get for their money and their designs are all digital – that’s it! She works with anyone interested in transforming their small personal space at home to big, commercial spaces. Allison does everything 100% online (with her new, adorable baby by her side!)


After she told me about her business, I wanted to blog about it. Not only because I like interior design and HGTV is one of my favorite channels, but because she started her own, unique business. I think it’s something a lot of us want to do, but never actually pull the trigger and do it for one reason or another. It takes a certain person with lots of drive and dedication. Congratulations Allison – you are awesome!

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