Palm Beach Sightseeing Boat Tour

Whenever my parents visit, I always like to plan something fun.

Last time, they hit Palm Beach with Island Living Tours.

Palm Beach Sightseeing Boat Tour

This time, I took my mom to the little blue house in downtown West Palm Beach to jump on the Hakuna Matata with Visit Palm Beach for a Palm Beach sightseeing boat tour.

Visit Palm Beach Sightseeing Boat Tour

Palm Beach Sightseeing Boat Tours

Palm Beach blogger

Palm Beach is home to many of the wealthiest and most famous people in the world and on this two-hour tour along the Intracoastal Waterway, the boat captain entertains with tons of stories about the homes and yachts on the water.

We saw a home that Celine Dion bought for her mom, a mansion owned by a Ford relative, a home Bernie Madoff owned before he headed off to jail, Vera Wang’s home with a huge dog statue that cost millions, a six-story yacht owned by Steve Wynn of the Las Vegas Wynn hotel, and so much more.

Palm Beach Boat Tours
Rumored to be Vera Wang’s home
Palm Beach Sightseeing Boat Tour
Ford’s home
Palm Beach Sightseeing Boat Tour
Celine Dion’s gift to her mom
Palm Beach Sightseeing Boat Tour
Wynn’s yacht

One of the coolest stories was about Andre Agassi building tennis courts outside his Palm Beach home.

When people would boat by, he’d sign tennis balls and send them flying into the intercoastal.

The city of West Palm Beach told him not to do that because it considered littering, so he did it on a bigger scale and called everyone out on the water and fired hundreds of autographed balls into the water.

He was fined $750 for littering.

Palm Beach Sightseeing Boat Tour
Andre Agassi’s house

These tours are popular and fill up fast, so click here to secure your spot on the best sightseeing cruise in Palm Beach.


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