Planning a Cuban vacation?

As the Cuban flag flies in Washington, trips to Cuba are being planned by many Floridians. But before hopping on a plane, it’s important to share some safety tips if you are planning a Cuban vacation. Thanks to Stacey Vogler, the US Managing Director at Protect Your Bubble by Assurant, for sharing these… a couple are brilliant that I would have never thought of!

Traveling Tips to Cuba

  1. Keep you money in more than one location (just in case you are robbed)
  2. Consider using a travel concierge that can offer safe driving routes, friendly destinations, and can help with lost or stolen documents in a pinch
  3. Be mindful of foreign beers and other drinks which may contain much higher alcohol content
  4. Don’t take cabs that aren’t registered with the city or other municipality
  5. Be careful with any activities or excursions… and have a travel insurance package that includes medical coverage
  6. Take pictures of all your suitcase contents – sometimes the airport is your worst enemy for theft
  7. Grab a postcard from the hotel with the name, address, and phone number to keep on you at all times
  8. Always leave the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your hotel room door
  9. Be suspicious of overly friendly locals
  10. Avoid non tourist areas at night

1 thought on “Planning a Cuban vacation?”

  1. omg–totally sharing this. My co-workers just went to Cuba to cover the pope arriving later in the Fall. I’m sure LOTS of people could use these tips.

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