How to Staycation in Boca Raton with kids

I’m so lucky to live close enough to a city like Boca Raton, so I can staycation where many people vacation.


It’s so easy to pick up my four-year-old from school right after nap time on a Tuesday and check into the Waterstone Resort & Marina at 3:00. Our reservations were made a couple of weeks ahead of time, so they were expecting us… and had juice boxes ready! When it comes to planning a quick mother/daughter getaway, the Waterstone is great. (Hence, the juice boxes.)



The location

You can’t staycation (or vacation for that matter) in Boca Raton and not stay on the water. The Waterstone is along the Intracoastal Waterway and Lake Boca. It literally is where Boca comes ashore.

One day, Julianna and I wanted to get out and explore, so we hit the sidewalks and discovered South Inlet Park. It is beautiful! The Waterstone’s location is ideal. It really couldn’t be better.


The food

Our first stop was for dinner at the Waterstone Bar & Grill. Not only is it right on the water, but the food is great. (And the kid’s menu is very entertaining.)

The Rustic Rigatoni is amazing… but not as good at the red velvet cake. This is seriously the best cake I’ve ever had. Our sweet server Allie suggested it, and now I have to go back and order more.

If you get one thing from this post, it’s to visit the Waterstone Bar & Grill and order the red velvet cake. You will thank me.




And because I love breakfast, I was pretty excited to order some at Boca Landing. For kids, there is so much to choose from. Julianna loved the yogurt, fruit, and of course, Fruit Loops. I devoured a Belgium waffle… and we did it all overlooking the water.




The entertainment

Remember, I’m with a four-year-old, so the games in the lobby were everything to her! Outside, there was even more to choose from… and we could even rent a kayak to see Boca Raton from the water.




The pool

Whenever I do anything with my kids, I always ask, “What was your favorite part?” Her favorite part of our mother/daughter staycation was the waterfront swimming pool. (Obviously!)


So, if you’re planning a family staycation (or vacation), I suggest the Waterstone Resort & Marina in the Palm Beaches Boca Raton, Florida. You will love the location, food, entertainment, and pool. We did!


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