The Coolest Sunscreen Sparkles… Literally!

Sparkle-SunScreenSo… am I the only one that loves to use products marketed towards kids for myself?! Well, this Sparkle Screen is one of them. Living in Florida, you have to wear sunscreen. It’s a given, but why not sparkle while you wear it?! Literally sparkle! Yes, it’s sunscreen with glitter! I like anything with a little bling in it, and this sunscreen has it. It smells good too – I have strawberry scented sparkling pink and kiwi-pear scented glittering gold. Both are SPF 30 with natural ingredients, no animal testing and made by moms in the USA. If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will!

Sparkle-ScreenOh yeah, there is one more bonus. Living in Florida, we don’t just have sun, but we also have bugs that look like they flew right out of Jurassic Park, so yes, there is also Jungle Screen. It is summer woods scented and glitters gold. A bug spray, that also acts as a sun screen, that smells good! I feel like I hit the jackpot when I was introduced to these products. Who else can say they have sunscreen that is fun to wear?

The sunscreen is $16.95 and the jungle screen is $14.95.


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