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Going Inside Tower of Terror at Disney World

Located at the far end of Sunset Boulevard, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios is a popular attraction.

What is Tower of Terror at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios?

Popular as the dark tower ride based on The Twilight Zone from Rod Serling, Tower of Terror at Disney World is a mix of most thrilling drops with eerie décor that takes you right back to the Hollywood Studios in the 60s.

When did it Open?

The ride opened on July 22nd, 1994.

How Tall is it?

With a height of 199 feet, it is 13 floors high.

What is the Permitted Height to Ride?

You must be at least 40 inches, or 102 cm., to ride.

How Long is the Ride?

From start to finish, it is 14 minutes long.

When Should I Visit Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios?

Early morning visitors do not face long lines. However, if you have a FastPass, you can ride without waiting anytime. Although, most adventure tourists recommend riding Tower of Terror at night to enjoy the spectacular light show it offers.

Before you go…

Don’t forget to take the souvenir picture, while you’re falling, to remember the fun you had forever!

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