Why is it bad to be a certain age?

Tomorrow, I’m going to be 32 years old. I have no problem saying I’m going to be 32. In 10 years, I’ll be fine saying my age… I’m 42. Then 52. And then 62.


I don’t understand why so many people, women especially, have such an insecurity with admitting their age. Maybe insecurity isn’t the right word. Easy for me to say. I’m just 32, right? Wrong! Keep reading…

My point is, I don’t know why it’s an issue. Why is it a bad thing to be a certain age? I mean, the alternative to aging is being dead, so you’d think you’d be thrilled you’re a year older, right? Call me rude, but I never shy away from asking someone how old they are. If I want to know, for one reason or another, I’ll ask. Why is that a touchy subject? Why is it a rude question? It’s not that personal is it? I honestly don’t get it. Never have.


I also don’t understand why calling someone “young” or “old” is insulting. I understand when certain people do it, in a certain context, they are trying to insult someone. If you’re calling someone young, I’m guessing you’re older, so you’ve been that young before too. Was it really that terrible? If you’re calling someone old, you’re probably hoping to be that old someday too. If not, you’d be dead. That would suck. The only time I enjoy these kinds of insults is on the Real Housewives reunion. Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about. Vicki vs. Meghan from Orange County anyone?!


While the age topic will never make me feel one way or another, I will tell you the only time someone has made me feel old. I was having a conversation with someone at work, and I don’t know how this topic came up, but I was talking about how I thought Tiffani Amber Thiessen was the prettiest person, like, ever. This person didn’t know who I was talking about, so I said, “You know, Kelly from Saved by the Bell.” She said, “The new class?” It didn’t end there. She put the nail in the coffin when I tried another one. “Valerie Malone from 90210???” Again, “The new 90210?” This is a true, devastating story – not because I felt old, but because this poor co-worker of mine never saw the real Saved by the Bell and 90210.

Instead of being worried about how old you are, be more concerned with how old you look. No one wants to be 42 and look like they’re 62. Sunscreen and anti-aging creams ladies. Do it and do it now! Then, we can all be like Christie Brinkley thrilled to scream we’re 61 years old while looking hotter than most 21 year olds.


7 thoughts on “Why is it bad to be a certain age?”

  1. This post touched my heart, because my friends and I were JUST discussing this topic last week in our annual girls trip! One friend is adamant that she wants to stay 29 forever, and the other friend and I are like, it’s just a number. Wear SPF and moisturize and YOU DO YOU, is what I say, LOL!

  2. Happy Early Birthday! Great perspective in this post….BUT to say you will NEVER feel some kind of way about your age…I dunno. When I was 32, maybe I would’ve said that too..but I am now in my last year of being in the 30’s and I am a little more apprehensive about putting that out there! JUST SAYING!!

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