60% of People Want to Work From Home After COVID-19 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you love working at home or hate it, the big question of what will happen when the pandemic is over still hangs over us.

Will we go back to work as normal?

Or is this the end of the traditional office as we know it?

I’ve been working from home without an office for years… and I LOVE IT.

To find out, Adzooma interviewed over 450 employees across a wide range of industries and companies, including Google, Facebook, & The British Forces Broadcasting Services.

This is what they found:

60% of People Want to Work From Home After COVID-19

Dr. Daniel Wheatley said,

“The positive response of workers and employers to the rapid expansion of remote working reinforces the mutual benefits which can be realised from working at home with respect to productivity, job satisfaction and work-life balance.

Nevertheless work does, and should, continue to occur outside of the home.

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Recent changes in the ways in which we work are highlighting the importance of individual choice regarding the timing and location of work, and continues to show the value, to worker well-being in particular, of physically connecting with others (colleagues and clients) in the workplace even where we may face restrictions due to social distancing and/or other measures.

The future of work is flexibility, with the greatest benefits to be obtained from the successful blending of remote and workplace-based working routines within an organizational strategy and culture that promotes and supports this.”

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