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I'm a blogger, media specialist, and most importantly... mother of two! I operate my own business, Media Maven, specializing in media relations, video production, writing, blogging, and event & on-air hosting.

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How to get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are one of the most annoying things fruit lovers experience. Fruit flies find it very easy to lay eggs on places that provide food and moisture. Places where rotten fruits exist like trashcans, and even sinks, are common spots you find these pesky bugs. How...

How Long do you Grill Corn?

Grilled corn is a popular and loved appetizer to eat on game day, at barbecues, and almost any other occasion. It’s smokey and sweet goodness really plays well with other food making it even better. How Long do you Grill Corn? This party favorite is still prone...

How to Organize a Pantry [VIDEO]

When I started this lifestyle blog, I couldn’t decide on a niche. I still can’t, hence the lifestyle blog. Just about anything and everything I love falls under the lifestyle category. BUT, if you made me choose a niche, it’d be organization. My daughter used to say...