3 Convenient Services in South Florida

When you are a busy, working mother of two, it’s so nice to have things come to you. (That’s me!) Well, there are three convenient services in South Florida that you will love. If you want to eat, swim, and get your car washed with minimal work, this blog post is for you.

First on my list…

  • Washe


I never get my car washed. While the drive-thrus may be fun for my kids, they just don’t work. I don’t find time to go somewhere and sit and wait for it to be washed either. Then, I discovered an app called Washe. I downloaded the app, selected the level of car wash I wanted, and the washer came to my house and washed my car on my driveway. Not only was it the best car wash I’ve ever received, but my car looked better after this wash then when I bought it.

Washe App

So, if you find yourself looking for time to get things done, like a car wash, download the Washe App, select your car wash, leave a description of your car and where it will be on the date and time you schedule, and you’re done. Washe does the rest! You can even pay for the car wash through the app. It’s that easy… and Washe services all of South Florida!


The coolest part is when you open the app while you’re getting your car washed, it tells you your wash is happening now. Afterwards, it shows a picture of your clean car. So, what did I do while I was having my car washed? I was watching the kids swimming lessons in the backyard.

  • Sunsational Swim School


While my car was being washed, Stephanie from Sunsational Swim School was teaching Julianna and Landon how to swim. I hate packing up the swim cap, swim diapers, extra swim diapers (just in case), towels, dry clothes, etc. and driving to swimming lessons. With Sunsational Swim School, it’s so convenient because they come to you – wherever you want across South Florida.


First, you let the folks at Sunsational Swim School know what you need. For Julianna, it’s improving her form. For Landon, it’s improving his survival skills and introducing him to swimming techniques. With that information, a swimming instructor is selected based on your needs and his or her qualifications. Then, he or she will meet you at your pool, a neighbor’s pool, or a community pool.

Not only do you create the schedule, but the lessons are personalized for each person learning how to swim. Yes, that’s dad drinking a beer back there. (I told you this was convenient.)


Why are swimming lessons so important in South Florida?

    • Drowning is the second cause of accidental death in the U.S. among children under 14 years old.
    • Nine out 10 drowning deaths occur while a caregiver is present.
    • 75% of children are missing from sight for only five minutes or less.

Both lessons were an hour-long… and Landon drank a lot of water. Still, they left with these certificates for doing such a great job during their lesson. (That’s Landon’s “say cheese” face.)


  • Delivery Dudes


After all that swimming, it’s time to eat… but the kids are tired, so what do you do? You get food delivered by Delivery Dudes. This is so convenient for not one, but two reasons:

One: DD helps you picks the restaurant. Choosing where to eat out is tough, especially in South Florida because there are so many options. Well, when you log onto DeliveryDudes.com, you’re prompted to enter your location. I clicked on Coral Springs and a huge list of restaurants popped up for me to choose from – more than 40 to be exact… including Kilwins! You don’t even need to go to the restaurants website or call them. You do it all through Delivery Dudes.


Two: This one is obvious. It is delivered to you. Need I say more? So convenient!

Because I recently started my own business, I love hearing other entrepreneurial stories. DD has a pretty good one. It was founded in Delray Beach in 2009 and has expanded to more than 40 locations throughout Pennsylvania, Florida, Tennessee, Oregon, and Colorado. Love that! (And how cute is the DD office?!)


South Florida has a lot to offer, so I’m sure there are many more conveniences like these on-demand concierge services. What are your favorites?


I’m required to disclose a relationship between my blog, Washe, Sunsational Swim School, and Delivery Dudes. This could include me being provided with content, product, access, service or other forms of payment.

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