DIY Slime Kit at Home

DIY Slime Kit at Home [VIDEO]

I hate it when my kids want to make slime at home.

At my house, DIY Slime makes such a big, sticky mess and it never works out right. (But, if you want to actually make it yourself at home, this blog post will help you do it.)

During the COVID19 quarantine, my mom sent my daughter this DIY Slime Kit that makes it possible for kids to decorate already created slime.

DIY Slime Kit at Home

This includes things like charms, glitter, beads, foam balls, and so much more.

My daughter played with this all day… and created a video to show you how much fun she had.

To get the kid she used, here is my Amazon affiliate link so you can place your order.

Now, watch the video to see her DIY Slime Kit creations from home.


Here is a little bit more of what you’ll get in the DIY Slime Kit linked here:


This all-inclusive homemade clear slime kit contains everything you need to keep boys and girls occupied for hours!

  1. 12 Color Clear Crystal Slime
  2. 12 Slime Containers
  3. 48 Packs Glitter Sheet Jars
  4. 25 Packs Slime Charms (unicorns, milkshakes, mermaid tail, wings, schools, etc.)
  5. 2 Packs Colorful Foam Balls
  6. 2 Packs Fruit Slices
  7. 2 Packs Fishbowl Beads
  8. 2 Packs Paper Accessories
  9. 2 Straws
  10. Instructions


Arts and crafts for girls kids. Boost your little one’s creativity, and help them develop motor skills and enhance eye-hand coordination!

What better way to spend the day than an at-home slime making project?

They’ll be busy with these slime making accessories all day while engaging in fun, sensory play!

The best activity for when you need to stay home and stay inside (but when we’re allowed to socialize again, it’ll be great at birthday parties!)


Enough slime supplies set to make your own Clear Slime, Foam Ball Slime, and Glitter Slime.

It’s a stress-free way to create exciting slime and art projects.


Eco-friendly material, washable, easy clean-up, and safe. 


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