Nautical Themed Birthday Party

Landon’s bedroom is a nautical theme. Many of his clothes are nautical themed. Why not make his first birthday party nautical themed too?! nautical-theme-for-boysHere are some things I put together to celebrate my big man turning one with a nautical themed birthday party. You can apply these tricks to almost any theme. All you need to do is find creative ways to name food that fits your theme.

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For example, I bought Kool-Aid thinking it was blue. I was going to label it “Ocean Water.” Well, it came out red and turned into “Red Sea Water.” Also, when it comes to displaying things, just put them into a theme shape – like I did with his cupcakes. Another example, I cut a pepper into an octopus (or crab depending on who you asked) and stuck it in the veggie dip.


Party planning tip: Don’t spend money on anything other than food and balloons. We all have computers and printers… use them! For designing anything and everything on paper, I recommend Canva. It’s what I used to design the invitation!


Remember those food tips above? Well, here are a few in action. (Another one not pictured: I labeled the meat and cheese tray “Shark Bait,” hehe.)







16 thoughts on “Nautical Themed Birthday Party”

  1. I absolutely LOVE themed parties, and this is such a great idea with the snack names to match the theme! The blue icing face picture is the cutest! ❤️

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  2. I always struggle trying to find the right thing for my son’s birthdays. This nautical party looks amazing. I agree when it comes to using computers and printers. We have been making our own invitations for years.

  3. What fun ideas for a nautical-themed party! I love all the little place cards in front of each special dish. And the cupcake layout in the shape of an anchor is so darn cute. You are so creative!

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