New Years Eve Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know one-fifth of all charitable donations are made in the final 48 hours of the year? Also, both New Year’s Eve and New Years Day are among the top six days for car thefts!


Countries all around the world have their own unique New Years traditions – lentils (Brazil and Italy), suckling pig (Austria) and grapes (Spain). The Danish, for example, smash broken china on friends’ front doors, supposedly in a sign of affection. But you obviously don’t need to go global to learn a lot about New Years.

We have plenty of customs right here at home, from watching a giant crystal-covered ball drop in Times Square and drinking sparkling spirits at midnight to eating black-eyed peas and making resolutions on Jan. 1.


You might not know that the Times Square ball weighs nearly six tons, or that more than 360 million glasses of sparkling wine are consumed in the U.S. each New Years Eve.

[bctt tweet=”The #TimesSquare ball weighs nearly six tons & 360 million glasses of sparkling wine are consumed on #NYE.” username=”MediaMaven_CN”]

In the infographic below, you can check out everything from our eating, drinking and spending habits to travel plans, midnight prayers, DUIs and hangovers. (Uh!)

New Years Fun Facts

Want to learn some other New Years fun facts by the numbers? Wallet Hub has you covered… even breaking down resolutions!


Source: WalletHub


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