The Best Sample Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event

The welcome speech is the spine of any corporate event. It pulls or repels the audience to tune in or run away before any event starts.

Here, learn the best practices to make your welcome speech corporate event successful!

Below, you will see a sample speech written under headers. Those headers serve as a guide on the order of what to say and when to say it.

sample welcome speech

Sample Welcome Speech


Don’t know where to start on a welcome speech that impresses your listeners? Use the welcome speech guide below and tweak it to make it your own!

Start with a Salutation

A very pleasant Morning/Afternoon/Evening to one and all,

Welcome Speech Introduction

Thank you for being with us today. From our oldest members who’ve been diligently supporting us since the beginning as well as every new face to our 7th Annual Get-Together, we extend a warm welcome.

Show Appreciation

On behalf of my Team/Community/Group, I sincerely thank and acknowledge every one of you who extended help to us for making this event a grand success.

(Include names you want to thank).

Trust us, all of this would’ve been just a dream if not for your immense support.

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The Theme of the Event

Today, I would like to point your attention to our fresh faces in the volunteer category who are part of our history since (include a date).

You are here today because we are asking for your support and contributions to our organization to realize (specify the vision/mission of the company/association/firm). We grow and scale successfully only with your dedication towards individual and group goals. You are an integral part of our success story and we need you as much as you need us.

In the coming months, you will learn and practice initiative programs via seminars and exclusive events designed to enhance your hands-on experience and professional skills.

Finally, the Conclusion

Lastly, without taking any more of your time, I call (insert name of the next speaker) to introduce himself/herself to you as well as elaborate on the core details of ongoing and upcoming projects and contracts.

If you’re on the veranda, don’t hesitate to hit me up with a ‘Hi’ if you have any doubts. You’re all most welcome here (insert company name).

This sample welcome speech is sure to be a hit at your next corporate event!

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