The Coolest Lamp… Ever!


At first, this lamp just looks like a pretty lamp, but it is so much more than that. No matter where you live, you’ve probably had at least one night when the power has gone out in our house and you’ve been left in the dark. Well, this lamp AUTOMATICALLY TURNS ON WHEN THE POWER GOES OUT! The bulb doesn’t light up like a normal light, the body of the lamp lights up. When the power comes back on, it goes off to save the battery.

But, wait. It gets even better. Most people wouldn’t care about sitting in the dark as long as they have their iPhone or iPad to play with… but the power is out, so you can’t charge it. Well, this lamp can also do that when the power is out! Why did it take so long for me to realize something like this existed?!


It’s called Rely-a-light and their slogan is hilarious – blackouts turn me on. The one I have is beautiful, but there are so many other pretty ones too. See them all here.


I’m required to disclose a relationship between my blog and Rely-a-light. This could include me being provided with content, product, access, service or other forms of payment.

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